Invest in sustainable farmland with steady returns.

Diversify your portfolio.

Do this by investing in the future of agriculture with farmland carefully selected by Field Yield. We find farms across the U.S. that meet strict, data-driven ESG and operational criteria, ensure efficient production, and facilitate income to investors through cash flows and land appreciation.

What is Field Yield?

We’re a group of financial and agriculture experts who believe in a sustainable, prosperous future for local farmers and communities across the country. With Field Yield, you can invest in a vital industry while our team of professional farm managers work with local farmers to maximize your investment.

How It Works


Early Offering Access

As a Field Yield investor, you’ll get access to our upcoming offerings.


Simple Digital Paperwork

Invest in curated farms selected by our experts, then complete paperwork and due diligence right on the platform.


Watch Your Portfolio Grow

Follow your portfolio’s performance and get notified when new offerings become available.

“My farmland helps me hedge against some of my more risky investments. Plus, it’s rewarding to know I’m putting my money into something that’s so important for our future.”
- Retail Investor

Double-digit returns that stand the test of time.

Research shows that farmland investments hold strong during recessions and times of heavy inflation. Field Yield gives you a reliable passive income stream outside the typical equities and funds.

We’re committed to environmental and social good.

Learn about Field Yield’s approach to ESG and regenerative farming

Becoming an investor is easy and commitment-free.

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