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Field Yield offers qualified investors opportunities to invest in agriculture. Field Yield does not provide investment advice, is not a financial advisor, and cannot answer questions about whether investments offered by Field Yield are a sound financial choice for any particular investor. Investor decisions are their own.

Real estate investing, like all forms of investment, involves risk and uncertainty. Field Yield cannot provide guarantees about market returns of investment offerings, and has no control over threats such as legal changes, environmental disasters, market upheaval, and other calamities. Investors in any financial transaction should be prepared for complete loss when assessing if an investment is right for them.

All financial projections for deals offered by Field Yield are projections only, and not guarantees of future performance. While projects are indicative of typical performance for similar investments, individual opportunities can vary widely in real returns. 

Investments offered by Field Yield have not been reviewed by any government agency or federal financial regulators.

Please email info@fieldyield.io.wpengine.com.io with any questions.