ESG investing with Field Yield.

Put your money where it matters. Our farmland is selected to meet the highest standards for environmental, social, and governance criteria.

Our Greatest Strengths.

ESG methodologies and rating systems vary across organizations and industries. Whatever your criteria, you can count on us to consistently deliver in the areas most crucial to farming:

Combating climate change one plant at a time.

Our farms use the latest technology and regenerative farming practices to lower their environmental footprint across all operations. Cover cropping, micro-drip irrigation, proper waste disposal, reduction of carbon emissions—we look at hundreds of ways to embrace environmental stewardship and renewable energy.

We support ethical food production.

We look for farms that grow local, less resource-intensive crops, and utilize technology to reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

Encouraging fair labor and supply chain.

We encourage our farms adhere to fair labor practices and run ethical supply chains. We pay close attention to how farms interact with nearby communities to do our part to address food insecurity, job creation, and contributions to local government.

We invest in innovative technology.

Field Yield’s expertise in traditional agriculture and AgTech innovation lets us advise our farms on the best new technology and resources in sustainable farming.

Our ESG Partners

Field Yield works with organizations committed to sustainable, ethical, and efficient farming practices.

Becoming an investor is easy and commitment-free.

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