Why invest in farmland?

Farming is the oldest and most stable industry in the U.S. Today it’s experiencing a boom in technology advancements, sustainable techniques, and interest from investors outside the agriculture world. With solid annual returns and minimal risk, farming is a safe and rewarding way to diversify your portfolio.

Field Yield gives you barrier-free access to farmland.

Investing in farmland is no longer for the few.

Field Yield makes it easy to purchase and track the performance of your agriculture investments, even if you’ve never set foot on a farm.

Hedge against inflation

Much like gold and other fairly stable commodities, farmland is a reliable way to protect against inflation. We choose investments that hold their intrinsic value even when the dollar’s purchasing power decreases.

Diversify beyond your standard holdings

Investing in farmland's provides diversification against traditional asset classes like equities and bonds. Farming has historically help up well during times of greater volatility, even when the stock market and real estate experience downturns.

Create powerful passive income stream

Investing in agriculture used to mean dealing with the operations of your farmland or paying close attention to the management of a portfolio of equities and funds. Field Yield takes the burden out of owning farmland, leaving only a steady stream of returns in its place.

Our Investment Model


We choose our offerings based on a blend of historical market data, individual farm outputs and financials, current trends, and on-the-ground local knowledge.

Socially Responsible

Field Yield investors can strengthen their ESG holdings and support regenerative agriculture with each investment. We select farms committed to sustainable practices, then help them increase their efforts.

Long-term Stability

Farmland provides a passive income stream that requires minimal attention from investors. Hold periods for investments in farmland typically range from 5 - 10 years, with average annual returns ranging from ___ to ___.

Managed by Farming Experts

Once we invest in a plot of farmland, our advisors help the farm produce optimal output and maintain sustainable, profitable practices over the coming years.

Strong performance, stability, diversification: farmland is a superior asset class

Data representative through December 2020.

Sources: Farmland Values: NCREIF Farmland Index, Timberland Values: NCREIF Timberland Index, Real Estate Values: NCREIF Property Index, Stocks Values: S&P 500 Index, Bonds Values: Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index

Hedge Against Inflation
Farmland has historically been one of the best inflation hedges. The NCREIF Farmland Index’s Total Return has consistently provided returns more than double the inflation rate since before 1992.

Investing in a sustainable future.

Field Yield chooses farms that promote sustainable practices and address the need to feed a growing population as environmental stewards of the land.

“Farmland is an untapped resource for many investors. The fact that we can confidently invest in real farms, with real yield, from the comfort of a software platform is a real testament to where agriculture and technology is headed.”
- Retail Investor

Becoming an investor is easy and commitment-free.

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