About Field Yield

We built a team of agriculture, technology, environmental, and investment professionals to bring farmland offerings to a whole new subset of investors. Our platform is the easiest place to invest in sustainable and profitable farming, regardless of whether you’ve ever set foot on a farm.

Meet Our Team

David Thompson

Natural Resource Manager / Forester

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Brett Savage

Natural Resource Manager / Forester

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Jim Branch

Natural Resource Manager, Broker and Director

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Elizabeth Branch

Natural Resource Manager

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Noah Shealy

Natural Resource Manager and Registered Forester and Real Estate Agent

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We meet every landowner and farmer we invest in.

Our selection process starts with data and ends with close, personal investigation of each potential investment. Once we choose a farm to invest in, our expert team advises and supports the farm operator in making regular sustainability improvements that lead to better returns for our investors.

We are committed to regenerative, ethical farming.

We carefully select our investments to reflect our environmental and social impact goals.

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We partner with the best in agriculture finance and technology.

Becoming an investor is easy and commitment-free.